David Kent took over the naming rights in 1975 and revived the Hayride 1973-1987 again.

The sixteen-unit building, which was owned by Clifton and Mallie Johnson, had previously been a large single-family house.

To alleviate the pressures surrounding the sudden move to Memphis, the Presley's joined the First Assembly of God church located at 1084 Mc Lemore Street at the South Main section.

It was a depressing home in a neighborhood that reeked of white poverty.

Elvis Presley never forgot the toilets, the stench from the kitchen facilities, or the degrading appearance of the makeshift rooms.

And while at the Opry electric guitars were banned, it was welcome on the Hayride - Looking north on North Gloster Street, Tupelo, Mississippi on September 1, 1948. The hill at the top is where Gloster and Mc Cullough cross today.

This is the same road the Presley family traveled when they left Tupelo for Memphis in 1948. The ground-floor efficiency was only a brisk walk from Beale Street, and it was close to the growing downtown business section.Web Pierce, Jim Reeves, The Carlisle's, David Houston, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley were among those who made their debut on the Hayride.Elvis Presley was a member of the ensemble for 18 months after he had failed at the Grand Ole Opry.Meanwhile, the restoration was carried out successfully under new owners.Municipal Auditorium and its surroundings, but also the Hayride with its tradition of voice and supporter of local and regional talent.After his military service, he opened a gun shop, but was persuaded to come back to the radio.