I pick one up off ebay for cheap and I'll get another lower 7-9" one for the range.

Pictured is the one meant to be used in the sitting position (I got it for hunting): Here it is fully extended: I am still not very happy with the trigger on the 870 but that will change soon.

Bi chat uk-9

So I recently purchased a new Remington 870 SPS Super Slug: I absolutely love this shotgun, out of the box I was shooting sub 2" groups at 100yrds with 2-3/4" hasting slugs (~5mph crosswind). I picked up Leupold Ultimate Slam 40mm 3-9x MZ/shotgun scope.

I did not think shotguns could do this, I'm still amazed by it (seems like old news reading around this forum). Anyway, I like to tinker as many of you do and got to thinking how cool it would be to hit (paper only of course) something at 200-300yrds with a slug (keeping under a 5" group). It has hold points for sabot rounds from 50 to 300yrds.

I have only been able to try the scope out at 50 and 100yrds at that's the longest range currently available to me, and it works for those ranges. Everyone I talked to about it told me it was a stupid idea but I'm stubborn.

I still haven't been able to find any example online of someone putting a bi-pod on a 870 but it turns out Versa-pod makes an adapter for the 870 or 1100 to attach there bi-pod.

I don't think it takes that much more time to whip open this bi-pod to steady the shot.

Plus, I'll admit it, I have never been able to shoulder fire a scoped anything very well.

The reason the slugs were high is because you can't controlling the recoil using a bipod the same way you do shooting normally.

Of course if you plan on shooting from a sitting or prone position using the bipod that is not a problem, (which is completely impractical for most slug hunters).

I didn't set up any targets other than some barrels so I have nothing to show you.