To better manage the empire he split the Empire into three parts with himself as Augustus Caesar or head Caesar.

General Galerius was appointed Caesar in the East and General Maximian as Caesar in the Western part of the Empire. Diocletian at first was very tolerant of the Catholic Faith.

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That left her dependent upon her sickly mother Eutychia, who was of Greek descent.

This is not surprising considering Syracuse was originally a Greek city and at one time the richest Greek city in the Greek Empire.

Eutychia was in fact cured, and Lucy, availing herself of the opportunity, persuaded her mother to allow her to continue to distribute part of their riches among the poor.

As a result of this miraculous cure, Eutychia realized how saintly her daughter had become.

Lucy raised a devout Catholic, privately decided in her teenage years to consecrate her virginity to God, and devote her worldly goods to the service of the poor.

However, Eutychia, not knowing of Lucys promise and suffering from a bleeding disorder feared for Lucys future.Clay retired from the military and entered the world of private security. “But do believe that I’m here and you I and are going to get real cozy.” Miriam looked over his gorgeous face. When he gets the call to protect Miriam he’s excited to be around his lifelong crush. This is all some kind of crazy fantasy.” “I know I’m the stuff fantasies are made of, but I really am here.” He sauntered a step closer, and that spicy cologne made her stomach heat up. She clenched her trembling hands together and swallowed hard. Not far away was the shrine of the famous virgin-martyr Agatha, who had been executed in the Decian persecution (5 Feb. Eutychia was persuaded to make a pilgrimage to Catania in the hope of being cured. Agatha came to Lucy in a dream and told her that because of her faith her mother would be cured.Agatha also told Lucy that God would do great things through her.She arranged Lucys marriage to a young man of a wealthy pagan family.